My Philosophy


My Philosophy:

I believe that pregnancy and childbirth is a natural, normal process that accentuates wellness.

  • Pregnancy is a momentous occasion in a woman's life and a time when she comes to know her body intimately.
  • I believe pregnancy and birth should be empowering experience for the woman and her family.
  • I believe in sharing my knowledge and information so that women can make the best choices for themselves.
  • I believe in minimal interventions but acknowledge when to use technology. I keep up to date with options that are available.
  • I respect the choices that women make and support them in their decisions.
  • I respect and appreciate cultures which are different from my own.

My Commitment is:

To provide quality care to women throughout their pregnancy, during their birth experience and in the 6 weeks following birth.

  • To ensure that the quality of my care is of the highest standard
  • To be enthusiastic and passionate about my job. To do this I have alternate weekends off and I take regular breaks and holidays.
  • To meet Midwifery Council recertification requirements.
  • To have a research based practice.
  • To the future generation of midwives so at times I will have a student alongside me.
  • To seek expertise from other specialists when necessary.
  • To document the care I provide and give a copy to the woman.